Handmade handbag charms


New leather line, charms @ acrossleather.org

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All handmade 100% leather. Starting with saddle skirting glued to a premium calfskin. Actual Prada shoe liner leftovers I picked up from Brettunsvillage.com in Maine

 The charms hand tooled, oiled, airbrushed spirit dyes as well as hand dying then bevel edges. Next would be with the help of beeswax fully burnishing the edges to whichever color you desire. Next entirely top coat finish with a U.V. resistant acrylic finish.

 The attachment strap is hand cut be me. I check to ensure strength and absolute suppleness. They vary from 5/16 to 7 /16″ wide. The length’s can be custom order or roughly in the 8″ range.

New leather charm line

Handmade leather belts

Do you love leather belts?handmade-leather-belts,-custom-tooled-airbrushed burgundy in color handmade leathger dress belt finished in British tan and highlighted              Handmade leather belts can range from plain to very intricate custom hand tooling, airbrushed in mild to wild colors. My premium belts start with saddle skirting leather glued to a thinner vegetable tanned leather as an interior leather liner. A templates created on a plastic film or vellum. Leather belt strap in moistened and stored in a plastic bag overnight. The moisture wicks throughout the entire leather which opens the pores. Followed by removing belt from bag and its left out to dry on the surface. At this point the templates transferred to the leather with a stylus. It leaves a darkened mark followed by cutting the design in with a swivel knife.  Followed by stamping with a variety of hand stamping tools. This could take many, many hours. Next the piece would be oiled with Neatsfoot oil to replenish the natural oils back into the leather. A stitch groove installed for stitching, and edges beveled. Airbrushing spirit dyes or acrylics to hand painting with either. Then burnishing all edges with the assistance of beeswax including buckle pin slot, and holes. I go over the whole belt hand rubbing and fixing every little thing until I’m completely happy. Finally the belts top coat finished with whatever suits its prior color applied.  Love leather? Belt nut, collector or just appreciate the smell of fresh leather in your fashionista closet? Check these thin leather belts Ladies, Women’s belts and Men’s cool custom-made belts. Golf belts, pant suit belts, dress belts, jeans belts, hard-core work belts and more.


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